Understanding the Dynamics of Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling has come out as the most effectual technique used for drilling through almost all construction material such as concrete, asphalt, stone, etc. The considering factor about this technique is that it doesn’t emit vibration when being used for drilling. And due to this factor, the risk or damage associated with the adjacent surface of the drilled area gets minimized. Thus assisting the operator to work in a risk-free environment and give better results.

Nowadays, the core drilling services are getting highly popular for all construction related chores as it helps in avoiding the instances of hearing damage caused during unsafe drilling. The other contributing factors crediting to the rising popularity of diamond core drilling are: (i) Do not cause much spalling and is a clean procedure. (ii) consists of sharp openings that facilitates in switching to the next step of the process easily. The diamond core drilling process require an uninterrupted flow of tasks needed for the purpose and thus, core drilling services come in handy.

This advanced core drilling technique turns out to be best for drilling through rebar and heavy concrete surfaces requiring holes up to 60 inches in diameter. However, the diamond core drills are generally used for making utility installation openings like electrical, HVAC fitting, plumbing, etc. within the existing structure.

Explore the Types of Equipment Used in Core Drilling Services

Almost all available core drilling equipment available in the market are categorized into three major types namely: Large drilling machine, heavy-duty drilling machine and light-weight drilling machine.

The heavy duty core drilling machines are powered with an electric motor requiring 15-18 amp to drill holes up to 8inches. Most of the drilling machines in this category consist of a motor, a base with anchor slot, water cooling system and a column. On the other hand, medium scale drilling machines are used to complete tasks that require professional diamond drilling operators. Last, but not least, the light-weight drilling machine is used for making holes upto 3inches in diameter. This category commonly comprises of hand held drilling tools helping in giving finish touch to the area which is cut or drilled.

Out of the three, the first category of large drilling machine type is considered more efficient, powerful and popular. These large drilling machines are used to serve core drilling services needing deeper and heavily enforced drilling tasks.

Looking for a Promising Core Drilling Services Provider?

Beginning with the core drilling process requires selection of right drilling equipment that matches your project requisites. However picking up the apt equipment is not that easy as it sounds because it needs the assistance of a professional contractor. S/he will eventually help you decide on the right equipment, measurement, material, and definitely the site to be worked upon. And hiring such adept professional from a leading contracting company such as Jay Kay Engineering can turn out to be the best decision.

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