What is Diamond Core Drilling & How is it Useful?

Diamond core drilling has come up as the best method to remove large pieces of cylindrical materials from concrete surfaces. The diamond core drill bits used for this purpose are fitted with diamonds that can easily cut most of the materials easily. The term diamond core drilling is derived from the process of drilling or cutting materials using diamonds. However, the diamond core drilling is not just used for cutting cylindrical holes from concrete surfaces, it is instead used in multiple other purposes requiring hard-core drilling.

Diamonds with industrial strengths are finely placed into the ends of the diamond core drill bits which are used to drill concrete or rock material easily. The diamond core drill bits possess greater strength and thus lasts longer giving precise drilling solutions. Most of us have heard that drilling and cutting processes are not dusty but also produce lots of noise, although nothing like this happens in the case of diamond core drilling.

This process mainly requires light and easily transportable equipment which can be used almost all places which include underwater too. There are multiple varieties of diamond core drill bits which are used according to their purpose of usage and the type of material on which they are going to be used on. Hence each drill bit in diamond core drilling process is specifically built and thus can be changed according to the purpose.

5 Top Advantages of Diamond Core Drilling

Here is a list of the top-benefits you can consider prior to picking diamond core drilling services for your project:

1. Drilling procedure is quick, effective, noise and dust free. It can easily dig a hole of 4mm through a brick wall just in 60seconds, which is simply awesome.

2. Can be subjected to almost all type materials.

3. It is not very difficult to become an expert in diamond core drilling

4. Choose when you need precise and finished cuts to be made

5. Doesn’t require an extended workforce or efforts to operate

The diamond core drill bits are majorly used to dug varied type of materials and since the process is so clean requiring less after project clean up, their usage has risen in past few years amongst industries. Diamond core drill bits have been effectively used in exploration drills as they are capable of holding a certain amount of materials during mining/drilling.

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